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Cantabria's Capital Santander

Cantabria’s capital is a great tourist attraction. Its location is quite amazing as it lies in between the sea and the mountains. It is also near a bay that is very deep. A port that is very busy is situated here. It is a place that receives many visitors yearly and the region is quite an important place to be in both for leisure and business. The settings are amazing and make the place so beautiful that you will be guaranteed of a great time while in the region.

The city Santander lies on the coastal area near a peninsula. Here, you can enjoy time at the zoo or the park meaning it is a place that is ideal for the whole family. There are many activities that you may indulge in while here and so you should plan the holiday well in advance so as not to miss out on all the good stuff.

A palace called Magdalena is located here and the fact that it was erected in 1912 makes it something that is quite old and an attraction by itself. It was meant to be a summer place for Alfonso XII who was king at that time together with his entire family. Today, it is a university of an international standing offering summer courses.

El Sardinero is another popular beach in Santander. It has a stylish resort area that was established as the twentieth century unfolded. The beach is very long and sandy and you will find casinos and cafes all over. It is a great place to enjoy a summer holiday at any time. August and July are great months to be here as there are great displays of music festivals as well as theatre stage acts.

The reason why Santander has remained so popular even in the present day is the fact that the royal family back then actually settled for that place as a holiday retreat area. Because of that fact, luxury tourism was really attracted and even today, there is a kind of elegance and class in this area.

There are some high rated hotels on location here where people from the upper class come to meet frequently. It is a great choice if you are looking for some kind of luxury holiday.

The city centre of Santander is quite modern as it has been rebuilt entirely after an event of fire that broke out in the year 1914. There were great efforts to restore it as it was initially and therefore a monumental kind of tour is still very viable.

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Best Sightseeing Places In Santander

Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region. It is a monumental city that has a lot of significance in the tourism industry. The city is a perfect place to enjoy any kind of luxury holiday although you can also organize a budget holiday in the region. Most of the works here are a restoration of what they originally were after an inferno caught the city years ago. This does not mean that there were any major alterations as the monuments are still very visible and perfectly maintained so as to offer a tourist all that they may be looking for in a holiday.

The city centre is full of modern features, thus you can appreciate modern architectural designs in the city. There are many buildings you will be able to see that will actually take your breath away.

The best place to start a sightseeing tour is Jardines De Pereda. Here there are Magnolias as well as a bunch of palm trees. There are many monuments that are a dedication to some personalities that were quite prominent in the area of Cantabria. Walks in the gardens are a great pleasure. The Santander bank is yet another outstanding place that is very emblematic. Plaza De Pombo is close by and has some fascinating buildings such as Royal Yacht.

Santa Lucia is a church that is of a Neo-baroque make. It is worth exploring. Banesto is a building that has been standing since 1902 and is another one that should not be missed. It has a profusion that is ornamental.

There is a street called Herman Cortes that gets you to a plaza called Porticada. It is a city landmark and is always animated all year through. The post office is very attractive and is located in a prime building in the city. The bank of Spain is also nearby and is designed in a neoclassical style.

The gothic cathedral had to be rebuilt after a fire in the year 1941. The original crypt of the twelfth century is still very intact. A church for the Jesuits is not too far off. The architecture is very striking.

Juan de Herrera Street goes up to the city’s heart. There are many important monuments located here. One is the town hall that was erected in 1907. The Goya works are shown well in the Museum of fine arts. Other art works include those of Mengs as well as Zurbaran.

There are a number of other museums located here that you will be able to see as you go along.

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Best Beache in Spain

Time and again, travellers have had only one question to search answers for in their quest for the best experiences in the Mediterranean – what are the best beaches in Spain? The answers are not as straightforward as you may expect them to be, considering that the beaches of Spain are ravishingly beautiful that it is tough to rank the best beaches in Spain in strict order – here is an attempt to the effect, nevertheless.

Best Beaches in Spain – El Carabassi: Costa Blanca resonates well with the best beaches on the Mediterranean, and El Carabassi certainly ranks up there. If you are out with your family and are looking for a perfect excuse to camp down, the beach is right there at a distance of 8 kilometres from Alicante.

Best Beaches in Spain – Benidorm: Benidorm, in Alicante within the Valencian community, has been inviting tourists since the 1960’s. And its success could be attributed as much to its thriving nightlife of the town as it could be to the lovely waters of the beaches.

Best Beaches in Spain –Alcudia Beach: People who have been to Mallorca would not want to miss out on an opportunity to visit Alcudia in the north of Mallorca. The beach was popularised by the presence of international authors such as Agatha Christie, and is known for water sports.

Best Beaches in Spain – Parque Natural de las Dunas: If you would be delighted by long coastlines with vast stretches of sand dunes, this is the place to be. Relax by the dunes and enjoy the sunshine line none other, taking a stroll along the 10km long beach right next to the sparkling waters.

Best Beaches in Spain – Platja de Llafranc: This is among the most popular beaches in Spain, which does tend to get a wee-bit crowded when it is peak seasons. The clear green water apart, a walk up to the lighthouse is what makes for an outstanding location and a perfect vacation.

Best Beaches in Spain – Puerto del Carmen: This is one of the most prominent beach destinations in the Canary Islands, Spain. The beach is known for its waters and the shopping as well as dining experiences on offer. There is so much more to offer in terms of water sports such as scuba diving, making it one of the best beach experiences to hope for in your dream vacation.

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Identity And Culture In Spain

Spain is a country that has very patriotic people when it comes to issues about the republic as well as the regions that they live in. When in Spain, it is very important that you refrain from entering into arguments that relate with questions about the languages or about the people being Spaniards or not. If you are in an argument, it is not likely that you will be hurt. However, an argument can become very long and eventually get pointless. If you hold such arguments especially in Basque, you may have serious troubles.

Many of the Spaniards are very keen to keep in touch with their cultural and lingual connections especially to Latin America. Many Spaniards are however very proud to be Europeans and are against the notion that Hispanics and Spaniards are very similar. When people come to Spain especially from the Spanish speaking regions from other parts of the world, they can expect different reactions. They may be accepted immediately as kin. In some cases they can face rejection and apathy.

In the media, Spaniards are greatly displayed as people who are very religious. This is not really the case. Most of the population in Spain comprises of Catholics. Officially, 73% are Catholics but when asked, 10% accept that they practice while only 20% say they are believers in the faith. When you are in Spain, try to respect this fact and refrain from making any comments that may sound offensive.

The festivals that are most important to Spaniards include all religious ones, Easter holy week, as well as Christmas. You should be tolerant about all religions while you are in the country especially in the large cities like Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. These are areas where you will find people with varied beliefs as well as different kinds of temples. In some areas in southern Spain, there are many Muslims in the population.

Spain also has widespread homosexuality although it is quite a catholic population. If you display same sex kind of affection publicly, you may not face hostility. Marriages between people of the same sex is allowed and recognized by the government. This however does not mean that Spaniards are okay with gay people. In urban areas like Madrid, the people are a little more open minded than other areas in the rural settings. The elder people hold more conservative views when it comes to homosexuality. Violence targeted towards gays is rarely reported and therefore it is a relatively safe place for lesbian and gay travelers.

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Holidays In Castilla

Castilla is a great region in Spain with the capital being Toledo. There are several provinces such as Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete as well as the province of Guadalajara. The region of Castilla-la Mancha is at the Iberian Peninsula around the centre. There are many landscapes that are found here. There is also a tableland that is quite extended. It is an ideal place for hikes and walks thus suitable for all who want a holiday that is full of adventure.

In the region, major attractions are the towns and cities that are medieval in nature. They attract a great number of visitors each year. We have towns such as Cuenca and Toledo taking centre stage in the region. There are other routes so as to get an overall experience while in the region. The area has its number of windmills too which in a way tell a story on their own.

The Castilla region is a place where you can also enjoy some fantastic dishes. You can choose from sausages, stews as well as varieties of cheeses. There are various artworks found all over the place such as embroidery works and ceramics. Metal work is also well established here and you will find things like knives or even swords here.

The city called Toledo is one that bears some of the best architectural works ever in all of Spain. It used to be the capital city. El Greco has his hometown here and it is no wonder that there are many art jewels from different civilisations located here.

Cuenca is totally medieval. It is also recognized by UNESCO. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes than many regions in Spain. There are also many museums where you can explore. There are many forms that have been created through natural occurrences such as through erosion.

Guadalajara has its share of attractions. Some date back to the tenth century. Siguenza is very outstanding and so you should go there when you are in Castilla.

The city of Ciudad Real has great historical significance. There are lagoons that are beautiful thus making for a fantastic place to go diving. The landscapes are totally beautiful. Albacete is a modern city that is within plains in the area. A popular industry here is that for making knives. It is a region that you shouldn’t miss. This area is a place to learn and understand history and some historical events thus is worth your time.

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